Monday, November 20, 2017

Groper-Negra Calls it Quits ... Next Year

The Los Angeles Times has dropped the following, which is unsurprising, since the Times was about to publish six more allegations of sexual abuse.

Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra announces he will resign next year as Timesprepares report on new sexual harassment allegations

Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra announced he will not seek reelection Monday, citing “persistent rumors and speculation” regarding sexual harassment claims.

Notice how Bocanegra still suggests that they were "allegations", and not necessarily.

“I spent my life advocating for the Northeast Valley, fighting for a fair share for our communities and residents,” Bocanegra (D-Pacoima) said in a statement. “It is because of my deep commitment to you, residents of the 39th Assembly District, that I have made the decision to resign from the State Assembly, effective September 1, 2018, and immediately resign my leadership position. I am also suspending my campaign and will not run for re-election.”

How about resigning now, Raul?

Why wait? Why do we have to let you continue taking up space in the state assembly? How many more women will be assaulted?

The statement came as The Times was preparing a story reporting that six women had accused him of sexual harassment. The paper presented its findings to Bocanegra’s office Friday afternoon.

Bam. One wonders, however, why the public is learning about all of these perversity NOW.

Bocanegra assaulted a staffer nearly ten years ago and only NOW we are learning about this. What's going on? What took so long?

Bocanegra said he decided to resign at the end of the legislative term in order to avoid a “another costly special election in Los Angeles and ensure our community is not left without any representation in the State Assembly.”

Now he cares about cutting costs. NOW? Yet he voted to raise our gas taxes and voted to push Cap and Trade extensions?


#MeToo is taking over the California State Legislature. Good.

David Hernandez, who is running for Lieutenant Governor, has argued that all of this dirt is coming to the surface because of the ongoing fight within the Democratic Party. The white liberals and standing up to the more progressive Latinos throughout the state, especially in Southern California. Also, Bocanegra was slated to be the next Speaker of the State Assembly, but he lost his re-election bid in 2014 to Patty Lopez.

Now his career is over, period. One could suspect that current Speaker Anthony Rendon had a hand in bringing down this Democratic rival. And goodness knows there is plenty of dirt on him, too.

I suspect that Bocanegra will drop out in the next month, even though he claims that he wants to save California taxpayers the cost of a special election. Wait and see.

Bible Believers Protest Islam-CAIR Banquet at Anaheim Hilton

Walter Riggs invited me to record and interview a new group of Christian activists on Saturday. It was a really busy day, November 18, from confronting a corrupt, apostate church to exposing the diminishing weakness of the RefuseFascism/Antifa movement, and then to go after the creeping encroachment of Islam into Southern California.

Bible Believers showed up along the steps of the Anaheim Hilton, blaring the truth about Islam and Christianity.

From the outset, I got some incredible footage of these Christian apologists, blasting the evil of Islam:

There can be no messing around regarding the truth of the Gospel and the falsehoods--many lies and distortions--of the Koran.

These activists don't hold back their disdain for Islam and their courage to proclaim the Gospel.

Nothing was going to hold me back from asking the tough questions to them, either!


This passerby had some interesting views, too, about Islam and what steps the United States should take to ensure our safety:

Within fifteen minutes of my showing up, an Interfaith group showed up to show their solidarity with the Muslism:

The delusion of these liberal, progressive "Christians" is astounding.

I decided to confront them with Scriptures from the Koran to see how they would respond:

No surprise, that they had nothing to say.

Would new people showing up at the event have something to say?

Ruben Israel of Bible Believers showed up and confronted them on their solidarity with a violent death cult.


I wish that more people had the courage to step up and speak out against Islam.

Not "Radical Islam" and not "Islamism", but Islam itself. The political correctness cult must die, and we Americans need to stand up to this radical political cult masquerading as a religion, called Islam.

Final Reflection

Walter Riggs of Militant Christian Media invited me to record and comment on this event. 

It was great to show up and work with a fellow believer in Christ to stand up to these ungodly hordes attacking our culture.

He wore a hat that evening detailing the courage that we need to muscle in our fight against evil and for good:

It is pretty disturbing to see how many of these "baby boomer" churches are abandoning the Gospel of Grace and embracing sin and death. They want to focus on inclusion and diversity, rather than truth and righteousness. All this cultural Marxism has ruined so many churches. When I told Walter that I had stopped going to little buildings on Sunday because of the lack of moral and Biblical truth, he assented and understood where I was coming from.

The Bible Believer protesters spoke boldly, refused to hold back their disgust with Islam. The dramatization of a woman wrapped up completely in pink, with one of the men lightly tapping her with a stick, brought the message home that Islam teaches abuse and degradation of women. The signs they carried could not have been less subtle, either.

This is the culture war, folks. This is the fight. It's time to abandon any sense of shame or fear and speak boldly about Christ Jesus, all that He is and does, and the gifts of righteousness and abundance of grace accorded to all who believe on Him!

RefuseFascism: Their Resistance Futile, Their Numbers Dwindling

The RefuseFascism movement is dwindling fast.

The following rally/protest took place November 18. They scheduled the event to last about four hours, 1-5pm. These left-wing protesters and anti-Trump haters had taken over Pershing Square on November 4th, when they announced their full-throated resistance to President Trump and the Trump-Pence regime.

Donna from West Valley was there!
She's a strong Trump supporter,
more than even at the beginning of the year

Here is my entire video of LA County for Trump and other SoCal patriots celebrating President Trump and his victory against the fascist Anti-Fascists at Pershing Square on November 4th:


Their numbers had shown a considerable diminution at that time, even then.

Remember that at the LAX Airport on January 29th, there were 20,000+ anti-Trump protesters--and they were ready to kill me and others at the corner of One World Way in front of the Tom Bradley Terminal:


It was an incredibly large presence ... in late January.

Then as the months passed on, their numbers plummeted.

Which brings me back to November 18, 2017.

I arrived an hour late to Pershing Square, and nd they barely had enough people to fill half the street. All told, about 50 people were wandering around in the street.

That's it?! Yes!

I even saw the two unemployed actors who pretend to be Boris and Natasha:

Here's another one, with both of the daffy, unemployed actors:

I saw them from across the street, and it looked like they were dressed like a magician performance act. For the next two minutes, I trolled them with "Russia Loves Hillary! Russia Loves Hillary." For some reason, they didn't like hearing their little anti-Trump act pushed back in their faces, and they ran behind the big dump truck in the middle of the street.

Funny stuff!

Ben Bergquam and I, along with a few others who later joined us, made fun of them the entire time.

Did these RefuseFascism fascists really think that they were going to wear us out? Our passion for the President remains unabated, since he has fulfilled many of the promises he had already outlined, and he is working on accomplishing the others, despite the frustration he has faced from Democrats and establishment Republicans.

At the end of it all, however, these left-wing agitators are addicted to a narrative based in fantasy and falsehood. How much longer did they think they would get away with lying about the President, calling him a "fascist", when there is nothing in his agenda or his actions to suggest that he wants to take all power to himself. Did he not just hand the DACA problem back to Congress for them to fix or fail on? Has he not placed expected responsibilities in the hands of elected lawmakers in Congress?

Yes, he has. A fascist goes around the rule of law and legislates by his own arbitrary authority. Such behavior better aligns with Barack Obama or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but not Trump.

It was pretty interesting, that our little team of three turned into six, and then one more as a few Trump supporters opted to walk with us through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles behind the RefuseFascism truck. Their enthusiasm and their dedication to Trump hatred has diminished considerably. Their little parade was more like a slow march, even a dirge-like funeral procession. These liberals are not even angry; they're just tired and unhappy.

They need to grow up. If they don't like the elected officials currently in office, then they need to run for office or support people to replace the current leadership. In the meantime, many people who were hostile or lukewarm to President Trump have decided to give the President a chance or just go about their lives, regardless. Sure, as we Trump supporters walked down the streets criticizing, mocking, and trolling the left-wing paraders in front of us, we saw a handful of people shout at us or flip us off. It really didn't matter to me. In fact, we saw Angelenos of all backgrounds cheering us, too.

Los Angeles is Trump territory, regardless how the regressive left may feel about it. We have every right to celebrate our President as they may criticize or denounce him in turn. The United States of America is a free country, and I intend to keep it that way, whether in deep-blue California or the most conservative section of Alabama.

Judge Roy Moore: Liberal Media Debunked


GADSDEN, Ala. – In the wake of the media’s refusal to report on the truth about Judge Roy Moore, the Moore Campaign unveiled key witnesses that debunked claims that Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall.

“We are intent upon bringing out the truth, when no one in the press or in D.C. seems to care,” said Moore campaign strategist, Brett Doster. “The quotes from these three people who would have personal knowledge of the mall’s security protocol completely counter everything alleged by the liberal media and the Moore Campaign’s political enemies.  Roy Moore is an honorable man, and his character is being affirmed by those who know him best.”

“In my 26 years working at Gadsden Mall, I never heard anything about Roy Moore being banned from the mall or any other mention of issues concerning him. As the Operations Manager overseeing Mall Security, I would have been aware of something like that.” - Johnny Adams, employed by the Gadsden Mall for 26 years and was the Operations Manager for 14 years, overseeing mall security.

"As an employee of the Gadsden Mall for Morrison's Cafeteria Corporation from the late 1970's through the mid-2000's, I would like to put forth a statement in regards to the allegations against Judge Roy Moore.  During my time at the Gadsden Mall, I formed many lifelong relationships including one with Barnes Boyle and his wife, Brenda.  Barnes Boyle was manager of the Gadsden Mall and Brenda was my manager at Morrison's Cafeteria for many years. Because of this relationship, I was abreast on the latest situations that happened throughout the Gadsden Mall during that time period.  There was a prominent man of Etowah County, whom is now deceased that was banned for reasons such as the allegations against Judge Moore. However, due to respect for the family, I decline to reveal his name. Despite allegations against other patrons of the mall, I never heard of Roy Moore's name come in conversation with any such misconduct against women or a supposed banning from the Gadsden Mall." - Johnnie V. Sanders, employee of Gadsden Mall from late 70’s to mid-2000’s.

"We did have written reports and things. To my knowledge, he {Moore} was not banned from the mall." - Barnes Boyle, Former Manager of the Gadsden Mall (1981-1986) WATCH.

“The people of Alabama are tired of false accusations and one-sided reporting from the liberal media,” Doster continued. “Truth matters or it doesn’t and the Moore Campaign will deliver the truth about the character of Judge Roy Moore to affirm what the people of Alabama are already convinced of.”

John McCain: Proof That We Must Repeal the 17th Amendment

US Senator John McCain is proof positive that we need to repeal the 17th Amendment.

The new class of United States Senators, the ones taking on the Swamp in the Republican Party, want to put an end to the Third House, the special interests, the K and J Street lobbies which put their individual, perverse interests at the direct expense of the American citizenry.

As a reminder, here is the text of the 17th Amendment:

The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures.
When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies: Provided, That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments until the people fill the vacancies by election as the legislature may direct.
This amendment shall not be so construed as to affect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution.[1]

US Senators were never supposed to be elected by the people.

They were representatives of the several states.

The United States Congress already has a popular chamber: the House of Representatives.

We do not need another popular body, especially for elected officials who stay in power for six years, who remain far removed from the needs and concerns of the individual citizens. The several states are more stable institutions in and of themselves, and therefore they rely on longer-lasting representation in the upper chamber.

This issue may seem arcane or academic, but it's an essential debate we need to rekindle if we want to secure our nation's liberties and protect the rights and powers of the states and the people. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments have been long ignored and neglected in growing part because of the diminution of the power of the states. The current power structures in Washington DC have run rough-shod over the individual pre-eminence of the states, which has enabled the federal government to explode while the powers of the states and the people have receded considerably.

The US Senators have gotten away with vapid campaign promises during the election season, only to abandon those promises and continue playing along with the corrupt special interest agenda once back in power. The popular franchise does not enable the diverse citizenry to keep check on a US Senator, since he is elected every six years. The scandals of one year do not remain fresh enough in the minds of the voters to ensure that they remove him from office by the next election cycle.

The other benefit to the state legislatures' choosing the US Senators--they could recall them. No doubt, John McCain would have been recalled by now if he were elected by the state legislature in Phoenix as opposed to the disparate popular vote throughout the state.

What good has McCain done for the Grand Canyon State? Governor Doug Ducey and the state legislature want to end Obamacare. McCain voted against ending the program. If the 17th Amendment did not exist, the Arizona State Legislature could have recalled McCain straightaway.

Also, a number of US Senators would have never been elected, and instead they would have conservative counterparts who better represent their state. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania would be gone by now, for example, because the Pennsylvania State Legislature is not only more Republican, but it is far more conservative.

Even for California, I am not sure that Kamala Harris would have been elected to be the next US Senator, since her interests were so far removed from the concerns of many Southern California and Central Californian interests throughout the state. Can anyone cite for me one time when Harris showed interested in working-class black and Hispanic communities? Not once.

Loretta Sanchez had a slightly more bipartisan record of accomplishment. She had networked with local lawmakers on a larger scale, too. I believe that if the California State Legislature had chosen the US Senator to replace Barbara Boxer, they more likely would have sided with Sanchez.

And she would have been somewhat less objectionable than Harris, who is a full-on corporatized progressive leftist.

But all we need to see evidence that we need to repeal the 17th Amendment and end the direct election of US Senators rests with John McCain. He is old, incompetent, out-of-touch, full of embittered toward the current President and his administration. He pays more attention to the demands of the Military Industrial Complex, when he should be fulfilling campaign promises and following the directives of the United States Constitution.

Six year representatives need to be elected by the more closely informed interests, and that would be the state legislatures. End the 17th Amendment, and take away power from Washington DC. There is some good news on this front. I have spoken to more attentive citizens throughout the country, and they recognize the growing threat of the looming Washington DC Leviathan. Anything that can be done to cut down to size the bloated, abusive federal government is a win for all of us and a restoration of the Founders' vision and principles in the United States Constitution.

Mitt Romney: Unfit for Higher Office

Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney summarily judged Judge Roy Moore to be unfit for office.


He was accused of numerous, lewd allegations, none of which have panned out or substantiated as true. What kind of kangaroo court is that?

Romney has a cowardly streak to him, something rooted in a chronic sense of slip-ups and failures which could happen at a moment's notice. His father George Romney said that he had been "brainwashed" about Vietnam. An opponent jibed back "A light rinse would have sufficed."

Romney's career was essential over after that. Mitt Romney demonstrates the same kind of internal struggles that his father had fought with. So desperate to look strong before the media, Mitt would go out of his way to play to their demands. He would talk about women, he refused to be tough. He had no interest in fighting against corruption, lies, and fraud. He just saw himself going into the political thick of things because it was his duty to do so.

We need men and women of heart to fight against the Washington DC entanglement of corruption and anti-American lies. We need more than a few well-connected politicos looking to make a big name for themselves are go through the motions to appease the base but do nothing to help anyone.

Judge Moore enjoys the same presumption of innocence before any guilty verdict is rendered. It's unbelievable how swiftly the DC GOP Establishment rushed into to put this guy out to pasture as soon as the press slandered him. The Washington Post puts together one story, details the accounts of four women, yet only one of them was underage to begin with--and there is no other evidence that Moore had any contact with any of them to begin with.

So, the former leader of the Republican Party, in the sense that he was the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012, has demonstrated considerably bad judgment.

Where has he been on the allegations against George Herbert Walker Bush? What about Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey? The media has remained silent about the senior US Senator and the massive corruption charges against him, and Romney goes along for the ride? He just shouts "Fire!" when the Washington Post writes about conflagrations in the personal life of one person. But not the other?

Where are Romney's comments demanding the removal of US Senator Al Franken, of whom there is clear, documented proof that he groped a woman, who was asleep at the time! This is sickening. There is actual proof of sexual assault against Franken, but Romney says nothing?!

The truth is, Romney doesn't want strong conservatives who fight for victory. He wants limp-wristed RINOs who get along to go along, and allow the rich classes, whether on the left or right side of the political aisle, to have their way. This is wrong. The United States of America is for all Americans. Political connections begin and end with the individual citizens, not political corruption and cronyism.

Yet Romney is more interested in controlled failure. He is more interested in losing "gracefully" than getting a little dirty in the fight for what is right.

Here are my final thoughts on Romney, and why he--not Judge Roy Moore--is unfit for office:

Tarkanian: The Establishment Can Run, But Can't Hide

Dear Friend,

We’re never going to Make America Great Again unless we have Senators in office that fully support President Trump and his America First policies.

I am Danny Tarkanian, and I recently announced my campaign to unseat Senator Dean Heller in the great state of Nevada. Unlike Senator Heller, I am a true conservative who fully supports the policies and agenda of President Trump. I want to repeal Obamacare and I support a wall along the southern border. I oppose Common Core and I believe that life starts at conception.

As a husband and father of four children, I am concerned about the future for my family, my community, Nevada and the United States of America.

Just like Americans across the country, the people of Nevada are sick and tired of politicians who promise one thing when running for office and then do the exact opposite once elected.
D.C. Dean Heller was one of Nevada’s first “Never Trumpers” helping deliver the state to Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election. Senator Heller has broken promise after promise to the people of Nevada. He promised to repeal Obamacare, but when he had the chance, he voted against it. He campaigned on defunding Planned Parenthood, only to cave under pressure at a town hall and left with a promise to continue funding it. He was against illegal immigration but now he’s one of the Senators trying to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.
Friend, I have true convictions about what I stand for and I am going to win this race if I have the financial resources needed to get my message out.

With your help I will continue to fight for President Trump’s agenda and against the liberals in our party.

Republicans from all over the country are showing career establishment politicians how they really feel. From Montana to Alabama and from Kansas to Georgia, We The People are speaking louder and clearer than ever at the ballot box.

I have been honored to receive endorsements from the likes of Steve Bannon, Sarah Palin, and Herman Cain but it won’t matter unless I can count on your support as well.

Please join me. Let’s show D.C. Dean Heller and Mitch McConnell that Nevadans want a non-obstructionist political outsider who, like President Trump, will do whatever it takes to deliver an America First agenda.

Thank you,

Danny Tarkanian

P.S. When my father, Jerry, first started his coaching career he took on the established schools. While he took his fair share of losses, he never quit. He went on to reach four NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours winning the Championship in 1990. It’s with this same spirit that we need to keep fighting the entrenched establishment candidates today.

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White Privilege in Beverly Hills? In the United States?

The White Privilege has gotten bandied about so much, especially on college campuses and among black and Hispanic communities, that I want to challenge it once and for all.

I am fed up with people using my skin color as an excuse for their lack of character, prosperity, or accomplishment.

Here's a tweet from a left-wing activist in Cudahy, CA (a sanctuary city, and a de facto segregated community):

Is it really true that auto dealers in Beverly Hills would discriminate against Black and Hispanic customers entering the dealership?

I connected with a friend of mine who lives in the area, and he found this accusation repugnant and offensive.

Why is that men and women with white skin are automatically targeted as beneficiaries of systemic racism?

This Asian Trump supporter smashed the "white privilege" lies and identity politics:

What do you think?

Here are two further debates on this issue.

First, from Brown University.

And here's another take:

Ben Shapiro shared a number of ideas on this topic:

And a response to Ben Shapiro's take on white privilege:

Kevin De Leon: Klan With a Tan Reconquista Bigot


Vital, detailed Intel and background on Kevin de Leon, the most dangerous politician and candidate in California. 

De Leon is an anchor baby illegal alien from Los Angeles/Tijuana/Barrio Logan, San Diego (home of Chicano Park) and works with and for the Mexican Government to help them make California a Mexican state again (La Reconquista).  Mexico briefly controlled California in the early 1800’s for 27 years.  They want to control it again through mass occupation, and they are.  Latinos (mostly Mexicans) are now the dominant “race” in California. 

De Leon is poised to take Diane Feinstein’s Senate seat in 2018 or soon after when she retires.  She’s almost 85.  Kevin De Leon is a radical anti-American Marxist and his political career must be stopped.  He doesn’t want the voters to know of his true subversive and Reconquista intentions, so it is up to us to spread the word to everyone.


1.   Kevin de León is of Guatemalan ancestry but identifies with Mexican culture is considered Mexican by the Mexican government. This suggests Mexican assimilation of non-Mexican Latinos on American soil—a special case of what John Derbyshire calls “absimilation.” Regardless, it bodes ill for Americanization.
3.   Kevin de León’s challenge to Senator Feinstein suggests the demographic replacement of traditional liberals by Hispanic Leftists.

5.   If Kevin de León goes to the Senate, he will bring his California-style illegal alien Reconquista agenda there.
7.   The Anchor Baby loophole needs to be closed up ASAP. Otherwise we can expect plenty more politicians in the mold of Kevin De León in the future—besides the ones who are already in the pipeline.
9.   Kevin de León was slamming the Republicans long before Trump ran for President.  It’s not just Trump, Hispanic activists have an animus against the GOP.

There is no compromise on these basic issues. Either we fight to protect American sovereignty—or we will be replaced.

De Leon has seen better days

Jeff Schwilk

Founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders

UNBELIEVABLE! Citizens Arrested in Church for Protesting Sanctuary City Meeting ... in the Church!

We The People Rising
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11/18/17 McCarty Memorial Christian Church
Report by Robin Hvidston
An event at which a politician or public official answers questions from members of the public.

The progressive McCarty Memorial Christian Church of Los Angeles advertized  a  "sanctuary city" TOWN HALL  to the public.  SEE THE FLYER BELOW. The town hall was to inform illegals about their rights. The event sponsor was the ACLU PEOPLE as well as ICE out of L.A., National Day Labor Organizing Network, LA Street Vendor Coalition and other pro illegal groups.

A group of Trump Supporters, who had signed up online to attend the town hall, were singled out.  Even though the reverend of the church, Edward L. Anderson, met with the group several times during their attempt to enter the meeting and stated that they would be allowed to attend the town hall, ultimately, police were called on scene and the Trump Supporters were eventually "pushed out" of the church by the police. 3 of the Trump Supporters were handcuffed in their attempt to attend the town hall for illegal aliens.

VIDEO  Citizen HANDCUFFED, at 3:18 in the video, who attempted to enter the town hall.  (Reverend Edward L. Anderson multiple times stated that the Trump Supporters would be allowed to attend the town hall.) However, police were on scene and declared the public meeting, per the pastor, had been proclaimed a private meeting and they "pushed" back on the citizens in order to remove them from the building. There were 2 Trump Supporters that were inside of the town hall. Eventually, both were led out of the church in handcuffs. There were no arrests.

Photo taken after citizens were "pushed" out, by police, at the town hall for illegal aliens.



People Power

People Power is the ACLU's platform for grassroots action. By mobilizing in defense of our civil liberties, volunteers will build and strengthen local communities that affirm our American values of respect, equality, and solidarity.

McCarty Memorial Christian Church

about us

We are a Christian community, located in the heart of Los Angeles with a pulse for all of God's creation regardless of their background following the love-ethic of Jesus and moving each part of creation towards liberation, creativity, and wholeness.

We strive to be a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, open and affirming congregation and we commit to remembering our past, re-imagining our future, and restoring our community.

Mission Statement:

“This church practices union: has no creed but Christ; seeks to make religion as intelligent as science, as appealing as art, as vital as the day’s work, as intimate as home, and as inspiring as love.”


CALL McCarty Memorial Christian Church & leave a message for the Reverend.  If he is advertising public town hall meetings at his church, then the public should be allowed to attend the town hall meeting. 

(323) 731-4131